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Longlegs | Review by: Amanda Guarragi

  Horror films have flourished over the past decade. The familiar conventions have been altered through different perspectives from new filmmakers. No film is ever inherently original because of the foundation for each genre. There’s a way to honour the motion pictures that have come before while adding another visionary layer through a different lens based on its director.   Longlegs  director Oz Perkins wrote a satanic story that links trauma and rooted evil in reality. The familiarity lies in the similar tropes related to the devil downstairs. Still, the visual storytelling and the narrative structure make the film feel like a fever dream for audiences. In this nightmare, two FBI agents are in pursuit of a serial killer. It can be said that this film is a cross between   Seven  and   Silence of the Lambs  in the best way possible. Perkins creates an unsettling atmosphere through an experimental lens while pulling a gut-turning performance out of Nicolas Cage.   The opening of  Longl

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