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Furiosa | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

Nine years ago, George Miller gave us one of the greatest action movies of all time, with Fury Road. The bar was set impossibly high. How could he possibly deliver a follow up that reached those same heights? Well, he couldn’t, but Furiosa is still a worthy addition to the Max Max Saga, filled with plenty of jaw dropping vehicular mayhem to fuel its ferocious revenge story.  If you go into this prequel expecting the same type of experience as Fury Road, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. This is a slower, more character focused wasteland epic that sprawls across a decade and a half. It works to give Furiosa a lot more character depth, adding further context and motivation to her actions in Fury Road. We’d only seen glimpses of her past before, and now we get the full, bloody picture. On top of that, the movie does an excellent job of making the wasteland feel much bigger than it ever has. It’s not all just dirt roads this time around, as we also venture to locations like Ga

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