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Civil War | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

  Civil War throws audiences into the midst of a violent fictional conflict in America, but this is not a war movie. It has no political agenda. It isn’t interested in answering how or why. This is a film that boldly showcases the horrors of war, and the vital role journalists play in bringing the frontlines to the public eye.  I understand the polarizing divisiveness this film has garnered, especially from American audiences. Alex Garland is a British filmmaker. A large part of Civil War serves as an exaggerated version of how an outsider views the tense political landscape in the United States over the past eight or so years. Is it ludicrous to think that Texas and California would join forces, leading to the country going to war with itself? Sure, but that’s not the point Garland is making. He intentionally keeps the details vague and doesn’t take a political stance. The conflict is merely a backdrop, in a setting that’ll be all too familiar for many viewers. Garland doesn’t hold ba

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