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Drive-Away Dolls | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

Well, I guess we know who the goofy Coen brother is. Drive-Away Dolls throws the vibe back to the directing duo’s classics, like Raising Arizona and Fargo. However, Ethan’s first solo effort is all slapstick and no nuance, missing the balance necessary to reach that Coen brothers classic status.  Clocking in at a breezy 84 minutes, there’s a lot of ground covered (literally and narratively) in such a short amount of time. This lesbian road trip crime caper fires out plot points and dialogue in rapid succession, without skipping a beat. It’s relatively well paced and straight to the point, but it also doesn’t give the narrative time to unfold in a natural way. I appreciate a lean movie as much as the next person, but this one basically rushes itself through its own story. The film is finished with plenty of wacky transitions and trippy psychedelics in an attempt to replicate a particular style, but these choices are more gimmicky than they are effective. I’m a huge fan of Margaret Quall

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