SKYLIN3S is the third and final instalment in the Skyline film series. Many years after the events of Beyond Skylin3s, a new threat forces a team of humans to travel to the alien planet named Cobalt 1. 

Lindsey Morgan leads the charge as Rose Corley, the bad-ass human/hybrid. Any fan of 'The 100' will be excited to see Lindsey back in action. Daniel Bernhardt brings his action star quality to the unique martial arts flair of the film which builds on what was done in the series in Beyond Skyline with Frank Grillo and Yayan Ruhian. 

The mission to enemy territory brings plenty of action, tension, and betrayal that will entertain any sci-fi fan. For more details of our review, check out the breakdown below.

Overall Rating:
7.3 out of 10

Category Breakdown:

Plot: 7/10

  • The third film in the Skyline series which takes place years after the events of Beyond Skyline (2017), and sees humans taking the fight to the planet Cobalt 1 to save mankind
  • Straightforward and easy to understand sci-fi plot which features plenty of action as Rose and her elite crew take on the extraterrestrials 
Theme: 6/10
  • Many of the themes center around the main character, Rose Corley, as she has a certain relatable quality
  • The film displays her struggle with an identity crisis, as she is considered an outsider to both humans and aliens alike
  • Rose’s journey to Cobalt 1 is as much about self-discovery, as it is about saving lives
Acting: 8/10
  • Lindsey Morgan solidifies herself as a strong leading character, in a role that gave flexibility to show a good deal of emotional range through her character interactions
  • The rest of the cast was crafted to build out a team of well-rounded personality types who added their own unique flair to the film
Script: 7/10
  • If you are not familiar to the franchise, the intro does a good job of catching you up on the franchise’s history and terminology
  • Great chemistry and dialogue between Rose, Leon and Owens as tension builds on the mission
Directing: 8/10
  • Liam O'Donnell ends the Skyline trilogy off on a high note while balancing and developing a brand new cast along with an action packed story
  • The stakes are higher than ever but that doesn’t take away from the many character pieces we receive as we learn about Rose and her character as the story progresses
Score/Music: 7/10
  • Complimenting the action and tension with high octane, pulse pounding sounds keeps you on your toes throughout the film
  • However, in some moments, the music felt a bit overpowering in comparison to the dialogue
Cinematography: 8/10
  • A color palette that worked well with the dark planet setting of Cobalt 1
  • Fighting choreography is visually engaging, and it helped to have trained martial artists in the cast to lead some of the major combat scenes
Editing & Effects: 8/10
  • The films combination of practical makeup, costumes, and special effects makes this one of the strongest elements of the film
  • Considering its relatively low budget in comparison to many other heavy sci-fi films, the result is an action-packed visual spectacle 
Uniqueness: 7/10
  • The Skyline series has always been a unique franchise and continues to evolve with each film
  • This instalment not only brings in new, interesting characters, but it gives the audience a good blend of classic sci-fi, with martial arts action
Rewatchability: 7/10
  • The film is easy enough to follow, and keeps the audience engaged with its consistent action, making it a worthy movie to watch for sci-fi fans 
  • Offers existing fans a satisfying conclusion of the series, while bringing in a possibility of another

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