Wrath of Man Review



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Wrath of Man gives us an action-filled Jason Statham revenge adventure, combined with the classic multi-character story approach which we all love from Guy Ritchie. Statham plays H (short for Hill), a mysterious new armored truck security guard, who proves to have some unconventional skills when it comes to stopping robberies. Ritchie uses this main character and a slew of other characters, along with several flashbacks, to piece together this slow-burn narrative. The story features a darker tone and is mostly driven by these sinister characters, which at times seemed too stoic for my liking, but overall it still managed to continually capture my attention with its excellent pacing and direction.

A key addition to the building up of tension throughout the film was the fantastic cinematography. It perfectly framed the characters with their surroundings and featured some creative filming techniques. I especially liked many of the panning and overhead shots, which added to its visual appeal, especially with its long take to kick off the film.

There was an impressive cast, whether main or minor characters, and I was constantly amazed by the talent making an appearance in the film. The main characters of H (Statham) and Bullet (McCallany), worked well together as H's cold gaze and demeanor, contrasted Bullet's more type-A extroverted behavior. In addition to these two, the viciously evil Jan, played by Scott Eastwood, was sickening to watch as a character, although quite intriguing because of how well he made me hate him. 

Overall, Wrath of Man is an engaging film to watch for its under two-hour runtime, so if you're a fan of Jason Statham and/or Guy Ritchie, like myself, and are looking for a hard-boiled action movie to check out, you will very much enjoy it. The movie is available now on VOD platforms.

Plot: 7/10

Theme: 6/10

Acting: 8/10

Script: 7/10

Directing: 8/10

Score/Music: 8/10

Cinematography: 9/10

Editing and Effects: 8/10

Uniqueness: 5/10

Watchability: 8/10

Overall: 4/5 stars

Review Contributor: James Larmour

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