Andor Season 1 Review

I’m going to make a bold statement here, but one I honestly believe to be true. Andor is the best Star Wars has been since the Original Trilogy. Fans in search of epic space battles, lightsaber duels, or a direct connection to the Skywalker Saga may walk away disappointed. However, those in search of a deeper, more mature entry in this long-standing franchise will bask in everything the show has to offer.

Star Wars has always been more focused on telling a big, sweeping story filled with exciting action sequences. The galaxy always felt huge, but it never really felt full. Andor changes all of that, with a grounded and personal story unlike anything Star Wars has given us before. This is a thoughtfully constructed, character-driven series that adds depth and life to the galaxy in ways none of the movies or shows have been able to.

With twelve episodes, this is the longest Disney Plus series yet, giving the story ample room to breathe and develop at a natural pace. It smartly avoids the “episode of the week” feeling by splitting the season into a handful of multi-episode arcs, tied together through exceptionally written characters. We are given an in-depth look at the catalysts that sparked the rebellion and the inner workings of The Empire. The world-building is honestly incredible, with rich details peppered throughout each and every location.

If the excellent writing wasn’t enough to grab your attention, this also happens to be the best-looking and sounding Star Wars series yet. The cinematography is often awe-inspiring, with a variety of gorgeous locations throughout the season (fear not, there’s more than just sand in this one). The sound design, from the buzzing of a prison alarm to the terrifying roar of a Tie Fighter flying through a valley, is sublime. The original score from Succession composer Nicholas Britell is outstanding, and honestly some of the best in film or television this year.

Andor is the breath of fresh air that Star Wars needed and stands among the best of the entire Saga. Its praiseworthy dialogue and character work, paired with exquisite production design make for one of the best shows of 2022.

Review By: Benjamin Garrett


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