It's Nice In Here Review (short film)


We all experience life and situations in different ways through our own lense. Even the exact same situation can feel very different depending on your involvement and will drastically affect your memory of small details because memory is directly linked with trauma. 

 It's Nice in Here tells the story of a police shooting that left a young boy dead, through two recounted stories. Imani tells us about her friendship with the kind boy, Crimson, while the rookie police officer tells us about his day leading up to the encounter with Crimson. Even though both people were present and involved, their recounts of the story are different because of their levels of stress and their ability to retain certain information. This type of storytelling really enforces the fact that our memory is very unreliable, especially in situations when necessary for recounting these events for judicial reasons. 

 Director, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers does a fantastic job of playing a middle perspective between these two recounts without really swaying to one side. The animation style is also used to enforce the fact that our memories are unreliable by only focusing on the most important details and removing all minimal background details. As our stress and anxiety levels increase, our memory becomes less and less reliable, this is displayed by the constantly changing details as the narration switches between characters. This particular style could only be achieved through animation. 

It's nice in Here does not set out to resolve this massive problem of gun control in the USA but solely showcases that human error plays a large part in the problem. If we only have human memory to recount the events, then all we are left with is an unfortunate passing and stories that often don't add up. 

It's Nice In Here is making its way around the film festival circuit. If you are interested in supporting the short, follow their social media for festival updates.

Review By: Stefano Bove


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