Shrinking Episode 1& 2 Review


Brought to us by the minds behind Ted Lasso, Shrinking is a brand-new Dramedy beginning on Apple tv on January 27th. Jason Segal stars as Jimmy, a therapist who lost his wife and is struggling with helping people because he can't even seem to help himself. He realized that the only way to help others is to change his approach with his newfound outlook on life. This refreshing approach to helping his patients is very unorthodox and doesn't always sit well with his patients or his fellow colleagues but Jimmy is determined to make it work. This direct approach to therapy has been explored in media before but Jason Segal's unique comedy style makes this version that much more refreshing.

Every relationship Jimmy currently has is rocky in some way, including his relationship with his Daughter Alice, played by Lukita Maxwell. Alice has grown distant from Jimmy after the death of her mother and has since turned to their neighbor Liz for guidance.

After realizing his new methods may be on to something, Jimmy attempts to try on a new patient Sean. Sean reacts to Jimmy's unorthodox approach with both sarcasm and anger which makes the scene a very entertaining one. As Jimmy continues to see other patients, it seems Sean will be his main experiment over the course of the season as he is the only new patient introduced.
Jimmy's new approach to helping his patients does not boast well with his colleague Gaby and boss Paul, played by Jessica Williams and Harrison Ford, respectfully. Who does not love Harrison Ford? If you think it wasn't possible to love him any more than you already did, think again. Dr. Paul Rhodes is a veteran Therapist who strongly believes in workplace boundaries and has an "If it ain't broke, don't fit it" work ethic. His reactions to Jimmy's methods are some of the most hilarious parts of the show.

The first two episodes of Shrinking had me grinning from ear to ear about his happiness. As someone who has always been very closed with his emotions, I have always disliked the idea of telling a stranger about your life but I find Jimmy very comforting and warm as a therapist. His approach to therapy would be an idea that I would definitely get on board with.

The first two episodes of the 10-episode season are available on January 27th. If you are a fan of uplifting comedies like Ted Lasso, Shrinking is sure to bring on tears and laughs.

Review by: Stefano Bove 


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