The Mandalorian episode 1 & 2 spoiler free

 After more than two years, Din and Grogu are back with the brand new season of The Mandalorian! 

Episode 1 starts off a bit slower but it’s necessary considering the gap between season. This gives us time to reconnect with characters as Din and Grogu start their next adventure. We see some familiar faces that most likely will be season long regulars this time around considering the direction the story is heading into. 

Episode two is a definite improvement from episode one and wastes no time getting right into the story. So far, the season is off to a great start deep diving into the Mandalorian lore and seems to be ditching the adventure of the week structure from previous season. This two year gap for us seemed to work for the writing team as they planned multiple years of story line and create a much richer future for the Star Wars narrative that bridges the gap between episode 6 &  7. 

Review by: Stefano Bove 

Episode 2 airs next Wednesday March 8th 

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