Andy Somebody Review


Andy Somebody is an action comedy about a man named Andy getting some revenge on his piece of shit boss. Andy steals $3 million dollars from him without really thinking of the consequences or the next move based on his actions. With his boss hot in pursuit, Andy must quickly go from nobody to somebody.  

Jeremy Evans as Andy is Hilarious and the supporting cast do a fantastic job distributing the jokes and playing off of each other. My favorite characters have to be the two detectives played by Peter Fluet and David Forseth. These two detectives have their own story happening only interact with each other but they are perfect. 

Leslie Wong who plays Joy, has a side story of her own trying to be an accomplished writer. This movie strings together the two sub plots nicely as joy helps Andy solve the big issue regarding the stolen money. 

Indie action films are really hard to make, special effects are not cheap but this film pulls off those moments really well. This passion project came together with the love of film and a team dedicated to having fun and entertain on screen. 

The current entertainment world is definelty over saturated with content. It is nearly impossible to watch all of the large budget production content let alone, smaller indipendant creations. Large productions have the money and resources to put films together but it is much harder to put together a well done film on a small budget. It is important to not only acnoloege but support these types of film.

Andy Somebody is available on digital Tuesday April 18th

Review by: Stefano Bove

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