Kill Boksoon Review


It is no surprise that John wick has ushered us in a new age of assassin movies. Kill Boksoon is one of those films but it has enough unique elements that allows it to stand on its own.

Single mother and lethal killer, Gil Boksoon is the assassin worlds most deadly employee. Employed by the largest company of assassins, MK. It is one of many private assassin for hire companies in the game but there are many other smaller private companies that employ Assassins as well. This adds a level of competition within the assassin world. As a veteran in her industry, she is both praised and sought out by almost every other company as her contract is about to expire with MK.  

I was really surprised by how little action there is in the film considering the film is almost two and a half hours but the action sequences are paces out well enough to keep you engaged. 

There are a few elements to the world building that are unique to this film, one of them being the nature of the assassin kills. Not all of the assassinations are gruesome murders, but also include plotted suicides on high profile personnel. 

Jeon - Do- Yeon is an excellent lead as Gil. Her many character interactions push her to balance many different emotions, her many scenes require her to transition from cray action sequences to mother/daughter conversations on difficult topics. I would have preferred a few less mother daughter story elements to bring down the run time. 

Kill Boksoon is now available on Netflix 

Review by : Stefano Bove 


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