One True Loves Review

 “One True Loves” is a colossal disappointment. You would think that a movie that is not only based on a book by acclaimed author Taylor Jenkins Reid, but also has a screenplay written by her and her husband would be a surefire hit, but sadly what we have here is the opposite. Terribly made in every conceivable way, “One True Loves” is mediocre, melodramatic and ridiculously banal. 

Lacking originality, substance or any semblance of entertainment, I can’t believe that such a talented writer like Jenkins Reid is behind this yawn-inducing movie. In every sense of the term, “One True Loves” is low quality. The plot sounds like something out of a LifeTime movie and the quality of the production is akin to a direct-to-DVD movie. Bizarre shifts in tone and nonsensical flashbacks only make the movie more confusing. There are a shocking amount of fade to black transitions that you’d only see in movies made for TV so they can accommodate commercial breaks! 

Somewhere deep down there may be the bones of a good movie trying to break free but sadly “One True Loves” fails to deliver on all accounts. Unless you’re a fan of forced product placement and protagonists who choose their personality depending on who they’re dating, you’re better off giving “One True Loves” a miss. 

Review by: Luke Elisio 

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