Crater Review

 Crater is the newest direct to streaming film from Disney +. Set in the year 2257, earth has fully colonized many parts of the universe but our time is spent on a fully colonized lunar mining colony. Caleb  (Russell- Bailey) is to be permanently relocated to a faraway planet called Omega after the recent death of his father after a recent mining accident. With the overwhelming thoughts of losing both his parents in his life, he must also shoulder losing all of his friends. 

Before leaving for Omega, Caleb must fulfill his dads wish to visit a crater. Using an upcoming meteor shower lockdown as a way out, Caleb embarks on an adventure to the crater with his three best friends, Dylan (Barratt), Borney (Hong), Marcus (Boyce) and a newcomer from Earth, Addison (Grace). The five kids steal a rover and escape the mining colony before the lockdown has commenced knowing nobody would come looking for them during this dangerous time. The kids know that they are risking their lives just stepping foot outside, but that does not stop them from being children and making mistakes; ones that put them in more harmful situations.

For a family adventure film, this worldbuilding is extremely depressing, to say the least. The future of the human race portrayed in the film seems to not learn from past mistakes but also, the story revolving around the children and the pain that they must endure is something that I feel only adults will understand. This made me question who the target audience for the film is because the adventure to the crater and the dialogue seems to be written for a much younger audience. 

The adventure to the crater does have some fun special-effects and visuals of the lunar surface and Earth that will definitely draw the attention of its young audience. 

Our five leads really help push this script. Mckenna Grace really demonstrates that star power in this role and Isaiah Russell- Bailey delivers on what is very deep subject matter. Kid Cudi is also in this movie, He plays Caleb's deceased dad in flashback sequences and the two share some really sweet moments together.  

Being a space and science-fiction enthusiast, I want as much as I can get. The film has something to offer everyone of all ages.

Crater is available on Disney + today. 

Review by: Stefano Bove


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