Fast X Review

 The Fast and Furious franchise has gone on for ten films, and it’s hard to believe it has remained consistent. That doesn’t mean that it has been consistent in quality, but it has delivered a fun cinematic experience. As each film has been released, the stunts and missions have gotten more absurd. Sometimes the franchise can take itself too seriously, but now Fast X (supposedly the beginning of a mini trilogy) is very self-aware, and that’s why it is the best one since Fast 7. It’s a bold statement, but Fast X is a thrill ride from the beginning and doesn’t let up on the characters making fun of themselves. Like all the other instalments, this one had plenty of heart because of the love of family. 

 In this tenth instalment, Domenic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is very connected with his son Brian (Leo Abelo Perry) and shows him the ropes. Dom keeps mentioning legacy and what it means to pass down what he does to the next generation. Surprisingly, Diesel gives a sincere performance as he tries to protect his son from an unexpected foe named Dante (Jason Momoa). The legacy parallel is clear and works for this massive final standoff between Momoa and Diesel. This is probably the most connected the entire family has been with the villain because he goes after everyone in different ways. The way Dante plans his targets is meticulous, and he constantly surprises the audience. Without Momoa’s flamboyant and over-the-top performance, watching it wouldn’t have been as entertaining. 

While Momoa commands the screen, the group of Tej (Chris Bridges), Roman (Tyrese), Han (Sung Kang), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) are stuck in different locations trying to make their way to Dom. While the crew is separated, they are still connected to one location they all know in secret, which is their goal. During the second half of this movie, there are well-executed action set pieces in Rome with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) driving a motorcycle. There are car chases with a golden Lamborghini for Roman and some tight hand-to-hand combat for Shaw (Jason Statham). It’s hard not to laugh throughout as they make jabs at the franchise and each other. Even the absurdity of the stunts will have you laughing out loud, but it’s all in good fun with what is expected of the franchise. 

Fast X is a good time because of the story between Dante and Dom. The other films in the franchise have often struggled with the story making any sense, but this one has the strength to carry out this mini trilogy. It is a wonderful theatre experience because of the connection to these characters and the absurdity of the stunts. The only way to watch the Fast Saga is to detach yourself from trying to make sense of anything. As someone who has never been a fan of the franchise, this one is by far the most enjoyable because it made fun of itself. Everything was bigger and better, which is what you want for a grand finale. The next two instalments are going to be great because every single person that has ever been in this franchise is now out in the open and connected to the story. 


Review by: Amanda Guarragi 

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