Fatal Attraction (2023) Review

 Fatal Attraction is a must binge show. The classic 80's movie starring Michael Douglas and Glen Close gets a modern remake twist. This new iteration is turned into an eight episode mini series. Dan (Joshua Jackson) catches the attention of Alex Forrest, (lizzy Caplan) A new employee to the office. Dan had it all going for him, a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, and a status job as a district attorney but his desire for more leads him down a path of adultery and betrayal and easily swayed by the talented lizzy Caplan who has her own agenda to pull Dan in. The story sets up an affair between the two and Alex disappears and is assumed dead and Dan goes away for her murder. There are two plots running simultaneously, the first is their early relationship and the second is after Dan has served 10 years in prison and is now released to the world and family he once had. 

The story deep dives into the psyche of both characters as they play tug-o-war. Though I do feel the show could have been condensed into maybe six episodes, The additional time-line definitely helps understand our characters much clearer as the story unfolds and Alex and Dan show their true selves. 

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplain are both fantastic. I have always liked Joshua Jackson but I was happy to see Lizzy Caplain bring such range to Alex. If the goal for this show was to make me dislike both characters, mission accomplished. I mean that in the best way possible as both characters display terrible behavior to each other and their families that make them unlikeable. I was not expecting either character to go to the extremes that it did so I am thrilled the writing was as dark as it was.

The supporting cast are fantastic and really balance the fact that I do not like the characters of Dan and Alex. Amanda Peet, Alyssa Jirrels, Toby Huss and David Sullivan are all stand outs in their respective roles. 

Fatal Attraction is the type of television that people love. All the mystery, sexual tension, lying and manipulation that will make you want to quickly play the next episode. 


The first three episodes of Fatal Attraction are now available on Paramount + 


Review by: Stefano Bove

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