Star Wars Visions Season 2

Star Wars Visions season two are some of the best Star Wars stories ever made. The ability to take such liberties with the properties and explore the uncharted galaxy has allowed these animation studios to create beautiful stories that trump most stories that came before it, creatively and emotionally. Each and every one of these stories have the potential to be adapted to a longer format series and I would happily watch.

Each episode is so incredibly unique in terms of storytelling and animation style. Between the nine stories, we get many different aspects of Star Wars that we know and love. Some are more contained stories about family and the love for racing, in the story titled I am Your Mother or much larger stories that tie into jedi vs sith wars, in the episode titled Journey to the Dark Head. All nine stories are so strong that I found it difficult to rank them in a particular order because each one offered something unique.

This volume focuses heavily on the political aspects of Star Wars, specifically genocide of worlds from the grasp of the empire. These stories are told in the stories, In The Stars and the very dark episode, The Pit. With both of these episodes, I was left speechless. Both were tragic and inspirational, a few minutes longer and I would have been left in tears. 

For those Star Wars fans looking for action, look no further Episode 1, titled Sith and Journey to the Dark Head not only offer some of the craziest combat but two of the coolest looking sith lords.

If you are a fan of Lord of The Rings or high fantasy, the episode titled, Screecher's Reach is right up your alley. The animation for this episode perfectly complimented the story, and the concept of turning a sith entity into a fairy tale demon is absolutly genious.

This series displays the power of storytelling and the potential in the Star Wars Brand. I truly wish that other canon series took as many risks as Star Wars Visions does. 

Star Wars Visions season two is now available on Disney + 


Review by: Stefano Bove

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