Succession Season 4 Review


All good things must come to an end, and last night, one of the greatest series of all time took a stunning final bow. Season four of Succession is a near perfect season of television, giving us exceptionally fitting closure for the Roy family, and the legacy we’ve watched them build (and destroy) over the past five years.

The sharp and quick witted writing we’ve come to expect from the series is even sharper in this final outing. One of the most beautiful things about the way it’s written, is that even when the business jargon goes over your head, the show is never hard to follow because of the characters. Yes, this is a show about a massive media conglomerate, but it’s always been more about personal motivations and familial conflict. Even when you’re lost listening to the terminology they toss around, you’ll know exactly why these people make the choices they do.

The performances are the knot that ties it all together, and honestly, I can’t think of a better acted show currently airing. The whole ensemble is incredible, and although I have my favourite characters, it’s tough to pick a favourite performance. If I had to choose an actor that really stepped up this season, it would be Kieran Culkin as Roman. He’s always been an outstanding and frequently hilarious supporting player, but this year he’s given a chance to truly show off his dramatic range. I could go on forever about the acting, but I’ll just say this - every major performance here is deserving of an award next year.

I can’t possibly finish this review without mentioning Nicholas Britell’s score. Not only is this the best original music on TV right now, but his work here and also on Andor proves he’s capable of joining the ranks of the most legendary composers in film and television history. Yes, the music is THAT good, and adds so much weight to every scene it plays under.

Season four of Succession is not only the very best of this remarkable show, but also delivers one of the best series finales I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. The acting, the writing, the cinematography and the score all add up to a final season that shatters all expectations.


Review by: Benjamin Garrett          

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