The Muppets Mayhem S1 Review


The Muppets return in a new musical adventure in The Muppets Mayhem. The Electric Mayhem Band goes on an epic musical journey to finally record their first studio album. During this process, they need someone who can navigate the music industry. So a junior A&R executive named Nora (Lilly Singh) proved to herself and everyone that she deserved to be part of this industry. The music industry has changed drastically since Electric Mayhem started, and the team has many challenges ahead this season as they try to integrate into mainstream music. Singh was a great choice as the human lead in this series because her high energy matches the Muppets in the band. 

Electric Mayhem learns valuable lessons throughout this season as they try to go platinum. The Muppets have always been old-fashioned and used that mentality to make a difference in a new generation. Nora gives them that rude awakening that the world doesn’t work like that anymore, but they keep pushing their agenda, hoping they can still make that difference in the industry. In turn, Nora learns some valuable lessons from the band as well. She has been struggling in her career because no one has given her a chance to work on anything. She has failed more than she has succeeded, but the important thing that Nora is teaching young audiences is to keep going. On top of that, this season highlights the importance of collaboration and taking everyone’s ideas into account. 

Nora distracts herself with her work so she doesn’t have to deal with personal issues, like communicating with her sister after an argument. The Muppets see the tension between them and meddle to bring them together again. The band tries to make Nora realize that keeping family around is important. It isn’t until Nora understands who the band is because of Gary (Tahj Mowry), a longtime fan. Together they find the right sound for Electric Mayhem to bring them closer to that platinum album. As they navigate the logistics of the music industry, this season explores how intertwined the band and management become. Electric Mayhem, Nora and Gary become a tight-knit family after everything, who help each other through anything. The obstacles they face are standard for musicians. But it’s how they overcome them together that the lesson is learned. 

The Muppets Mayhem is a wonderful collaborative exploration of the music industry and how everyone’s ideas matter. Creators Bill Barretta, Adam F. Goldberg and Jeff Yorkes brought in some fun artists to take part in this season. It has some great songs and remixes that add fun moments in the season. Young audiences will appreciate the Muppets trying different things and what they’re teaching them about achieving their dreams. The Muppets have always been able to connect with humans because of the discussions they have with audiences. The writing for the humans and the Muppets were strong because the stories flowed into each other. Each episode has a valuable lesson about becoming a stand-up individual and persevering. Young audiences need to learn about it because life can be difficult, and the more prepared you are, the easier it is. 


Review by: Amanda Guarragi 

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