Barry Season 4 I Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Like many of you, I was left in total shock by Barry’s season three finale. I thought “where could they possibly go from here?”, as I nervously anticipated the final season, worried there wouldn’t be enough story left to fill another eight episodes. I should’ve known better, because just like the show did in its first three seasons, it managed to subvert my expectations and surprise me in the best of ways.

These final episodes find the series continuing to erase the line between comedy and drama. What started out as an occasionally dark but very silly comedy has evolved masterfully into a thoughtful character study, but it hasn’t abandoned those comedic roots. It’s a darker, slower entry, taking time to develop each character and guide them to the end of their arcs. The laughs may come less frequently, but they’re just as well timed and delivered as always.

Bill Hader is once again a triple threat, serving as writer, director and bringing Barry Berkman to life with an incredible performance. This show is his baby, and he clearly cares so much about delivering something different from anything else out there. Even if this final season doesn’t quite hit the highs of seasons two and three, it’s a carefully constructed final act to one of the best shows on television. I wasn’t even sure if I loved the last episode, but after some time to reflect, I can’t think of a more fitting conclusion.

As with previous seasons, the acting matches the strong writing, with performances that make these characters so easy to love - despite how irredeemable most of them are. These actors have absolutely perfected the balance of comedic and raw emotional delivery. You know an actor has done a great job when you’ll miss their character as much as you’ll miss the show.

Barry’s final season is a stellar swan song for one of the best shows HBO has ever given us. It takes some big, creative swings and almost everything pays off beautifully. Take a bow, Bill Hader. You nailed it!


Review by: Benjamin Garrett    

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