Extraction 2 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 The first Extraction elevated a run-of-the-mill plot with a handful of slick action sequences, making for a decently entertaining, if somewhat forgettable movie. This sequel improves on the first in just about every way possible. It’s got bigger, bolder action, and a character driven story where the stakes aren’t just higher, but more personal too. 

The story doesn’t really rise above standard action movie fare, but the character work is much better this time around. Hemsworth gives another strong performance as Tyler Rake. In between all the shooting, stabbing and punching, he’s given a chance to show off his emotional chops, conveying Rake’s past burdens quite effectively. Golshifteh Farahani steps up with a much more integral role, giving Hemsworth a run for his money in total badassery. 

The action is some of the best I’ve seen so far this year, including a show-stopping “oner” that runs a staggering 21 minutes. This sequence ranks among the most impressively executed action scenes I’ve ever watched - yeah, it’s that good. There are plenty of hidden cuts and digital trickery used to make it look like one continuous take, and while not all of them are completely seamless, the sheer ambition is applause-worthy. Whereas a lesser action film would’ve split this into 3 big individual sequences, this movie stitches them all together as one. 

Extraction 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor in every way, including the breathtaking 21 minute “oner” you have to see to believe. The plot is nothing groundbreaking, but with action this good, you won’t care. For years, Netflix has been looking for their hit blockbuster action franchise. I’d say they’ve found it. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett 

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