I Like Movies I Review by: Benjamin Garrett

Sometimes a movie hits closer to home than you’re comfortable with. I moved to Burlington - the city in which this film takes place - in the early 2000’s at the age of 14. My mother was a single parent, doing her best to make ends meet. As for me, I just loved to lose myself in movies. They were my passion and my escape when life got tough. So much of “I Like Movies” feels like a chapter of my own life, and although it isn’t my favourite film of the year, it’s certainly the most special. 

The movie follows 17 year old Lawrence - a social outcast at his high school, who has lofty ambitions to become the next great filmmaker. He’s extremely narcissistic, and really not very likeable. He’s got his guard up, and in a way, so does this film. I found it hard to get into his headspace at first, and it was kind of off-putting. I’m pretty sure that was Writer/Director Chandler Levack’s intention, because once you break through that wall, it’s impossible not to relate and empathize. 

Isaiah Lehtinen does a stellar job making you cringe, perfectly encapsulating a self-centred and oblivious teenager. Lawrence isn’t the only awkward and vulnerable character, as those around him are carrying emotionally baggage of their own. Alana - his manager at the video rental store - is wonderfully portrayed by Romina D’Ugo. She delivers a beautifully acted monologue a little over half way through the movie that gave me chills. 

I Like Movies is like a time capsule of my own teenage years. It hit me with a wave of all too familiar nostalgia, making me reminisce about high school and the countless trips I made to Blockbuster Video. It’s a funny and touching coming of age story, told via a slice of life from a bygone era. If you like movies as much as I do, this indie gem is definitely worth the rental. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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