The Wrath of Becky I Review by: Stefano Bove


Becky is back and badder than ever. Two years after the events of BECKY, danger just seems to find her. While attempting to rebuild her life, she runs into a group of a-holes called the Noble Men. These alpha male, white supremacists are plotting an attack when their paths cross Becky and feel her wrath. Sean William Scott stars as Darryl, the Leader of the Noble Men and the worst of the bunch. I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing Sean WIlliam Scott as a villain, he was menacing and at times, terrifying. Never get in the way of a man with a plan but he has never met Becky before so Darryl and the Noble Men may have met their match. 

Lulu Wilson absolutely dominates as Becky. Lulu is a few years older than she was in the first film, so she is much more confident and convincing as a murderer. Becky is basically a fusion of John Wick and Kevin McCallister when it comes to combat skills  as she demonstrates both physical tactical fighting, ability to use weapons and the improvisation of using random items and setting up traps. This combination allows for an interesting style of combat that makes Becky unique. 

I was expecting a standard revenge story but there were actually many plot twists that I was not expecting. There are definitely plans to expand Becky into a much larger world as the story develops, one in which I would have never expected could allow this film series to go three films or more, even if it does not make that much sense. 

Wrath of Becky is a very fun popcorn action movie that offers tons of laughs and bloody gore. If you did not come for that, then maybe it is for Sean William Scott in another awesome role but whatever it is, you are sure to have a good time. 

Wrath of Becky opens up in theatres June 9th, 2023


Review by: Stefano Bove

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