Barbie | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Hi Barbie! The day is finally here. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is one big summer party, packed full of fun, laughs, heart and every shade of pink imaginable. It’s silly and lighthearted, but also a joyous celebration of feminism that cleverly challenges the patriarchy.

She is Barbie. He is Ken. I cannot think of two better actors than Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling for these roles, as both of them capture the essence of the iconic toys flawlessly. The whole ensemble is spectacular for the most part, with standout supporting performances from America Ferrara, Simu Liu, and Kate McKinnon. Will Ferrell’s Mattel CEO is amusing, but comes across as a bit of an afterthought the movie doesn’t really need to convey its important themes. 

This movie has a lot to say, and it sure says it loud. It isn’t the least bit subtle in getting its point across, but it rarely feels heavy handed. The biggest flaw is that it’s perhaps got too much to say, touching on themes of feminism, consumerism, self worth, impossible beauty standards, and much more. Some are briefly mentioned, but never explored beyond a quick line or two. This makes for a movie that’s a bit thematically crowded, which slightly detracts from its overall impactfulness.

The extraordinary production design is a current front runner come Oscar season. Barbieland is an absolute dream, filled with all the fabulous cars, costumes and accessories you remember from your childhood. The soundtrack, including some awesome original songs, pairs perfectly with the eye catching visuals. I know I’ll be listening to “I’m Just Ken” on repeat for the foreseeable future. 

Barbie is everything you’d want and more from a movie based on the iconic doll. If you haven’t experienced it in theatres yet, you should change into something pink, get out of your mojo dojo casa house, and go watch it on the big screen now. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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