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Maggie Q has and always will be a badass and has starred in some of the biggest action franchises including, Mission Impossible and Die Hard. In Fear The Night, Maggie plays Tess; a war veteran who has endured a lot of trauma and clearly has trust issues. Tess is home for her sister's bachelorette party with six of her sister's friends . She is the standout amongst the rest dressed in casual wear compared to the seven women who are all dolled up and ready to party. They are spending the weekend at their parents' old house that is now under the care of locals. Tess is always in defence mode and rightfully so because trouble finds their way in the form of home invaders looking for a big pay day. 

The cast of partygoers includes Highdee Kuan as Rose and Kat Foster as Beth, Gia Crovatin as Mia, Kirstin Leigh as Esther, Ito Aghayere as  Noelle, Brenda Meaney as Bridget and Roshni Shukla as Divya. They all have a history with Tess and do not make her return from service any easier. They make it very clear that they do not like her and do not want her at the Bachelorette party at all, except for her sister who is just trying to enjoy her weekend. While shopping for essentials before heading to the final destination, Maggie Q demonstrates some smack talk to a local group of losers who begin to make comments to the girls.

The party festivities begin when they arrive at the house but the real fun begins when the sun goes down and the home invaders disrupt the party in an all out assault on the bachelorette party. Home invasion movies have been on the rise in the last few years, specifically since Covid as they were typically easy to film in contained locations. This film follows that same formula as it mostly takes place over the course of one day and in very few locations. The addition to this film is the mystery as to why the people are breaking in and what they want to steal.

I was surprised that the majority of the women actually assisted in the fight against the invaders. I assumed really early on that Maggie Q would just easily take everyone out by herself so I am glad that the fight is a team effort and everyone has a part to play. Majority of the kills are actually very brutal and I was not expecting such a blood bath, especially the very first death that came completely out of nowhere and really caught me off guard.

Fear The Night does not change the formula for a home invasion film but it is a very easy watch with great character dynamics and a entertaining amount of blood and gore. 

Fear The Night is available in theatres and on digital July 21st


Review by: Stefano Bove

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