Joy Ride | Review by: Luke Elisio

 Between “No Hard Feelings” and now “Joy Ride,” summer 2023 is shaping up to be a season filled with wildly entertaining, raunchy original comedies. Comedies that also manage to clock in around 90 minutes, AKA the perfect runtime for a movie! 

In her directorial debut Adele Lim fashions a movie that masterfully balances between being an all out laugh-riot and a surprisingly poignant and heartfelt  look at the Asian American experience. I say “surprising” only because you wouldn’t expect such thought-provoking and moving conversations to be featured in a movie that also includes vomit sight gags, cocaine being hidden in the most uncomfortable of places and a full frontal vaginal tattoo. “Joy Ride” is anchored by rapid-fire jokes that are sure to have audiences enjoying the movie, but the heart is what’s going to make them fall in love with it. 

Each cast member delivers a fantastically funny performance but the standout is undoubtedly Stephanie Hsu. Her performance is not only a clear indictator that she’s destined to have a long career playing a variety of uniquely different characters, but is so hilarious that she’s worthy of another Oscar nomination. 

 “Joy Ride” is a movie that you and your friends are going to want to watch again and again. This R-rated comedy goes all out, never holding back or letting up on the jokes. This is a ride well with taking. 


Review by: Luke Elisio

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