Nimona I Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 Many of today’s animated films are steeped in allegories, and chock full of metaphors with deeper meaning that often go over young audiences’ heads. Nimona takes a bold step forward for mainstream animation, with themes that may be allegorical, but a message of inclusion it shouts loud and clear. 

Compared to movies from studios like Pixar and Sony Animation, It can be difficult for lower budget animated features to really wow you. Nimona’s visuals won’t dazzle you through attention to detail or smoothness of animation, but rather with an eye catching cell-shaded aesthetic and a wholly unique setting in which its story unfolds. Set in a future where medieval traditions are still upheld, this world feels like nothing I’ve seen before. Think Game of Thrones meets Cuberpunk - yeah, it looks awesome and the two styles work surprisingly well together. 

The real standout here is how flawlessly the film incorporates themes of inclusion and queer representation. The progressive allegory isn’t just woven throughout the narrative, it’s an integral part of why this story works so beautifully. It isn’t subtle, but it never once feels preachy or like a forced attempt at teaching a lesson. It’s still able to have a lot of fun while clearly getting the point across. The result is a highly entertaining fantasy film that young audiences can enjoy at surface level, but also one that instils important and relevant values in them. 

The voice work is also on point, with two fantastic performances from Riz Ahmed and Chloe Grace Moretz. Ahmed plays a law abiding knight and Moretz a trouble making wannabe villain - their characters are polar opposites, with clashing personalities that allow them to play off one another brilliantly. This unlikely partnership allows for not only plenty of comedic interactions, but a handful of sweet and sincere ones too. 

Nimona shatters the subtle allegorical approach that animated films often use to convey their themes. This is a thrilling, funny and heartfelt adventure with a timely and beautiful message of inclusion. Make a point of adding it to your watchlist. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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