The Bear Season 2 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 Season one of The Bear left me full. I was so entirely satisfied that I didn’t want any more. I didn’t need it. A second season couldn’t possibly reach the bar set by the first, right? Well… I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Season two expands on everything the first did so well, without ever losing sight of what made the show special to begin with. The series’ trademark chaos is cranked beyond the boiling point, but amidst that chaos is a group of beautifully complex and layered characters. Whether it’s the ones we’ve already come to know and love, series newcomers, or even single episode guest stars, every person in this show is exceptionally written and realized.

The performances, once again, are stellar. Jeremy Allen White shows us why he deserved that Golden Globe win last year, but every member of this ridiculously talented ensemble gets a chance to shine. The higher episode count and longer runtimes really allow us to dive deeper into these characters’ lives. In fact, some of the season’s best episodes are the ones focused on just one person.

This show truly excels when sh*t hits the fan, and there’s no finer example than episode six. This supersized, star-studded pressure cooker of an episode captures the chaos of big family gatherings perfectly. It’s not only the best episode of the series, but one of the best episodes of any show you’ll watch this year. Big name guest stars can often be distracting, but they’re utilized perfectly here, including a career best performance from Jamie Lee Curtis.

Stressful, inspiring, poignant and hilarious - The Bear takes all of these ingredients and serves up another exceptional season, cementing itself as one of the finest shows currently on TV. The way this series respects the culinary industry, as well as every one of its characters, make it a show you need to be watching.


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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