They Cloned Tyrone | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


They Cloned Tyrone is sociopolitical satire wrapped up in science fiction, presented as a ‘70s style blaxploitation film. Sound weird? It really is. It’s also one of the most original exclusives Netflix has given us, and among the most purely entertaining movies I’ve watched this year. 

This satirical, exaggerated depiction of hood life is dripping with a style of its own. One foot firmly planted in reality and the other somewhere almost etherial. The production design wisely pulls from multiple decades, making for a cool retro ride that feels lost in time, giving only the haziest idea of when it’s supposed to take place. Complete with a gritty film stick look and a funk filled soundtrack, it’s old-school and modern all at once. 

This is arguably Jamie Foxx’s funniest performance. The quips he makes, even about the most minute observations, had me absolutely howling. Pairing Foxx’s ridiculously unserious pimp with John Boyega’s no-nonsense drug dealer makes for a great on screen duo. Throwing Teyonah Paris’ into the mix as a mystery solving, Nancy Drew loving prostitute makes this a trio of big personalities that are so much fun to watch together. 

The third act isn’t quite as inspired as everything that came before, but still ridiculously entertaining thanks to the chemistry between Foxx, Boyega and Paris. Although this final chapter is more straightforward, the movie sticks the landing with a strong ending that’ll answer one burning question you’ve had since from the start. 

They Cloned Tyrone couples biting satire with cheeky social commentary, and ties it all together with a slick, unique retro-modern aesthetic. Foxx, Boyega and Paris are my new favourite group of unlikely and self-appointed detectives. Looking to solve the mystery of finding the next great Netflix original? Here’s your answer. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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