The Beanie Bubble | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 If you were born between the mid ‘80s and late ‘90s, the likelihood you owned a Beanie Baby is sky high. They were EVERYWHERE. Like the adorable plush phenomenon's it’s based on, The Beanie Bubble is a bit under-filled, but will certainly give your inner child a rush of nostalgia. 

A good biopic gives you information that you didn’t already know, and presents it in engaging and entertaining ways. This movie does that, but keeps everything fairly superficial, never digging far beyond the surface level details. It also admits, in its opening minutes, that some of this story is flat out made up. Now, this is nothing new for films based on true stories, but to have it in text right at the beginning spoils some of the illusion that what you’re about to watch actually happened. 

The movie is also trying to do its best Scorsese impression, with a narrative that jumps between multiple narrators and time periods. The only problem, this “true” story isn’t always fascinating or intricate enough to justify that storytelling method. The constant flip-flopping makes the movie a little more engaging, as it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if told chronologically, but it also feels too sporadic. 

The cast honestly makes this movie as enjoyable as it is, lead by Zach Galifianakis in one of his best performances. He’s eccentric, self-centred, greedy and just a little unhinged - it’s a really fun performance that’ll have you loving and simultaneously hating his character. Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Snook and Geraldine Viswanathan play the three women whose perspectives the story is told from, as each of these ladies played an integral role in TY’s worldwide success. All three are great, but Viswanathan is a total scene stealer as a young and ambitious assistant who can be credited for most of the company’s success. 

Like a Beanie Baby without its original tag, The Beanie Bubble doesn’t hold much value, but it’s an enjoyable look at the world’s brief obsession with the plush toys. So, give this a watch, and then go check your storage bins to see if you’re sitting on a beanie goldmine. You never know… 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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