You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Adam Sandler’s ongoing partnership with Netflix hasn’t exactly produced much in the way of quality entertainment, but every now and then, a pleasant surprise comes along. Last year, that was Hustle, and now we have the delightful You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah. 

This could’ve easily been your typical “teenage girls fighting over a boy” type of movie, and on the surface, that’s mostly what it is. However, this coming of age story is elevated by the representation of Jewish culture seldom seen in family films, and by giving us an honest look at adolescent anxiety. Yes, there’s still plenty of that signature Happy Madison goofiness (for better or worse), but it’s dialled back in favour of something more heartwarming and genuine than we’re used to from Sandler’s production company. 

Speaking of Sandler, this movie is quite the family affair. You’ve not only got the Sand-Man himself, but also his wife and two daughters. This is the acting debut of his youngest - Sunny Sandler, and she leads this movie wonderfully. It’s an awkward, vulnerable performance that comes through so sincerely. Adam Sandler’s real life chemistry with his daughters also shines bright. Even with the limited time he has on screen with them, their dynamic makes for some of the film’s best and most heartfelt moments. 

If you grew up in a Jewish household where religion played a big role in your family, this movie will likely resonate with you in all the right ways. Even if you didn’t, this coming of age story is funny, relatable and heartfelt in a way that anybody can enjoy. Now give it up for DJ Shmuley! 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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