No One Will Save You | Review by: Stefano Bove


No One Will Save You is the sleeper hit of the summer.  This genre mashup film is so unique and will have you hooked within minutes. 

A woman named Brynn lives alone on a farm and does not seem to have any friends or want to even talk to anyone in town. Everything seems fairly normal but things take a dark turn when her house gets invaded by aliens. The film wastes absolutely no time getting right into the suspense and the quickly paced movie makes you question how far the events in the film will go. 

The film is short for a sci-fi film but that is because there is so much focus on the encounter and other than sound effects and noise, the film is silent. That does not mean, nothing happens but in fact, we get to know so much about Brynn and her story without the use of any dialogue or conversations. This is all due to Kaitlyn Dever's performance as Brynn that keeps you completely locked the whole time. Her performance is so emotionally driven that she does not even need to say a word and the fact that I fully understood her as a charter is a true testament to her abilities. Telling such a complex story without any dialogue is not easy to do but it is done so well that I didn't even notice it was silent until about 11 minutes into it. The only downside to a silent film is that not all questions get answered and in the case of the aliens, you kind of have to just accept who they are. Granted, if I was in the exact same situation, survival would be my number 1 priority as well over what planet they are from. The silent aspect of the film actually made me feel more involved as I wanted answers that I felt I needed to look out for, understanding that nobody will be there to tell me. 

A silent alien invasion movie was not on my 2023 bingo card but I am so glad I checked it out. The movie was written and directed by Brian Duffield, best known for Love and Monsters. Much like that film, No One Will Save You also has some twists and turns and some big reveals throughout. sci-fi and thriller have always worked well together and this movie is no different, it is a true testament to how far both genres can go without breaking the bank.


Review by: Stefano Bove

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