Ahsoka season 1 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Full disclosure - I haven’t watched Rebels or The Clone Wars. This series was my introduction to many of these characters, which means I didn’t go into it with the same context as many others. Even without years of lore to enrich my experience, I have to say this is one of the better Star Wars shows of the Disney+ era. 

Of course, being familiar with these characters and their stories would’ve been nice, but it’s not necessary to understand and appreciate the series. The first few episodes are a bit exposition heavy, but I didn’t mind because it’s meant to bring new viewers on board. There’s a lot that’ll go over your head if you haven’t seen the animated series, but it’s still an exciting and unique adventure, even if it has you frequently asking “huh?” 

Right from the start, I was captivated by the stunning cinematography and outstanding use of colour. This is one of the best looking entries in the entire franchise. The muted, often grey or white landscapes with deep splashes of colour throughout are absolutely gorgeous - the red and gold especially. The locations feel fresh and original, but familiar enough that it still feels like Star Wars. Kevin Kiner’s score is also exceptional, with a number of beautiful orchestral pieces. The lightsaber battles are great too, with some of the most exciting duel choreography we’ve seen from Star Wars in years. Honestly, aside from a bit of distracting green screen, this series is impressively polished. 

It doesn’t hold back when it comes to embracing the magic of the universe. This makes for a series that often resembles fantasy more than it does science fiction. I was initially resistant, thinking “this doesn’t fit with this franchise”, but I then realized it was giving the show a unique voice that really allowed it to stand out. Witches, star whales, necromancy - it’s certainly out there, but once I accepted it, I found it entirely refreshing. 

Ahsoka is one of the strongest entries in the Disney+ Star Wars era. For fans complaining of getting the “same old” from this franchise, here’s your answer. Whether you’re unfamiliar with these characters’ lore or you’ve spent years watching them, this series is well worth your time. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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