Loki Season 2 Episode 1-4 | Review by: Stefano Bove

 The first episode of Loki season 2 is now available on Disney +. I was able to watch the first four episodes of the new season and these are some of my spoiler free comments. 

Loki season two starts off directly after the events of season one finale. Loki and Silvi killed Kang and released the lock on the timelines. This immediately forms a multiverse and sends the TVA into complete disarray. 

Loki and Mobius head on a mission across time in order to try and fix the timeline with the help of their new TVA time specialist, O.B played by Key Huy Quan. He plays this character so well and fits right into the dynamic of Loki and Mobius. The first few episodes play out like a Doctor Who time travel mystery as many members of the TVA travel to different time periods that are of significance to the TVA and its leads. O.B is one of my favorite additions to the season and it truly is only due to the fun portrayal by Key. 

Johnathan Majors does return as a variant that allows his to play yet another version of himself. I am sure that the allegations have caused many headaches for Marvel and Loki but it was announced that it would not effect the season as it was already completed. Loki seems to be much more focused on righting his wrongs as he takes full responsibility for Silvi's actions. This allows his character to grow into a much more understanding character. 

The MCU has always dumped a lot of money into its special effects and its sets but Loki Season two is hands down, the best set design in any MCU project. Since they are also traveling outside of the TVA, there was a need for specific sets for different times which are all incredibly done. 

There is always criticism with Marvel projects either being too contained or too focused on serving other projects. I personally enjoy more contained stories and Loki season two continues to be a contained story that expands on its existing story and fleshes out its already amazing characters. 

 I was a bit unsure what the season was building towards until it arrived at the end of episode four. The build up for the first few episodes is worth the wait and I am excited to see what this leads into for the final two episodes. The final episodes could really go in any direction and I can not wait to see how they expand the large MCU much like Loki season 1 did. 

Loki season two episode 1 is now streaming on Disney Plus


Review by: Stefano Bove

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