Blue Eye Samurai Season 1 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Revenge is a dish best served with a blade. At least, that’s what the protagonist of Netflix’s latest animated series ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ believes. This ferocious tale of vengeance is a gorgeously animated, blood drenched epic that ranks among the year’s best shows. 

Using a perfectly balanced combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques, this series dazzles with its gorgeously rendered imagery. This unique style adds so much depth and fluidity to every frame, especially during the exceptionally choreographed combat sequences. Whether you’re looking at a sweeping vista, or watching a group of Ronan warriors being sliced to pieces, the visual style makes it all look like a stunning work of art. 

This is an ultra-violent outing, and one that doesn’t shy away from sexuality either. Its explicit nature may turn some viewers away, but know that none of it comes across gratuitously. instead, every burst of violence and moment of sexual vulnerability serves purpose in building the narrative, developing characters and reinforcing the brutal nature of revenge. It culminates in an engaging, profound and thematically rich fictional story, steeped in real Japanese culture. 

The voice work from the entire cast is impressive, but there are a few performances that deserve additional praise. Maya Erksine shines as the titular samurai, Mitzu. This character carries such crushing emotional burdens, and Erksine packs every shade of emotion into a phenomenal performance. Brenda Song is excellent as princess Akemi, as she discovers the power and liberation that comes with carving her own path. George Takai plays Akemi’s wisdom-rich guardian, Seki, and his voice is pitch perfect for the role. 

‘Blue Eye Samurai’ paints an epic portrait of honour and vengeance with blood. This outstanding animated series is a not just a visual stunner, but equally beautiful in both narrative and theme. Don’t miss out on one of the year’s best shows. All eight episodes are now streaming on Netflix. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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