Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story Review

 Every professional sport has at least one underdog story. In formula 1, that story is the 2009 season and the racing team, Brawn GP. After taking ownership of the dissolved Honda racing team for 1 Euro, Ross Brawn spearheaded the construction of an unbeatable car and did the impossible. Jensen Button and Rubens Barrichello drove for Brawn during this Cinderella season but it did not always go as planned. Nothing comes easy as there will always be challengers and competition and in 2009, that came in the form of the Red Bull team that has been competitive since they joined the grid in 2006.

As a fan of formula 1 for many years, it is astonishing to see that we are living in the golden age of the sport with its recent surge in popularity in North America. As a fan, I will not complain because we get incredible insight into the sport that we rarely got before in the forms of social media content and amazing documentaries such as this one. 10 year ago, the behind the scenes of the sport was much more hidden but today, the sport is much more vocal and the drama is part of what fuels the growth. Being able to go back to the 2009 season and hear how it played out from the horses mouth is something special.

Keanu Reeves joins this 4 part series as a narrator as well as interviewer. It is a very different approach that I really enjoyed because it felt much more organic and spontaneous that the obvious lines that are read in most docs. It was really fun to see Keanu talk to many of the biggest names in the sport . Many team principles and members of team Brawn are in the series to give their input and perspective on that year.

Formula 1 is nothing without the rivalry between team drivers but an unusual team calls for an unusual situation. This unknown territory caused Jensen Button and Rubens Barrichello to really fight it out for not only the championship but for that recognition on the team.

My love for the sport came in the form of admiration for the incredible talents on the grid. A new generation of fans is emerging our of the behind-the-scenes drama that the sport brings. Whichever type of fan you are, this Doc has something to offer. If you do not follow formula 1, I will be shocked if you watch this doc and don't immediately want to watch a race.

Brawn: The Impossible Story is available on Disney + November 15th


Review by: Stefano Bove

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