GEN V Season 1 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Over the course of its three season run, The Boys has sharpened its sociopolitical blade to become one of the most refreshing entries the crowded superhero genre has seen in years. Gen V takes all that raunchy, violent, diabolical goodness, and gives us a smaller scale story that ties into the bigger picture beautifully. 

The school setting draws natural comparisons to the X-Men franchise, but make no mistake, this is a Boys spinoff through and through. The stakes are lower, but the tone, humour and biting satire are exactly what you’d expect. While still a cheeky good time, the shift to a younger generation of supes can feel trivial at times, with a larger focus on relationship drama and Gen-Z politics. However, as it’s gradually revealed that not everything at this university is as it seems, its connection to The Boys becomes much more interesting. 

A younger generation of supes means a lot more naivety and irresponsibility in the ways they use their powers, resulting in fascinating and socially relevant character dynamics. There’s plenty of social commentary - some subtle and some painfully obvious - but the edgy, tongue in cheek attitude the show constantly exudes allows that commentary to flow smoothly.

Being introduced to a fresh batch of characters with new powers makes for exciting future crossover potential. The cast all work great together, and there are a few fun cameos throughout the season as well. Although the season focuses on Jaz Sinclair’s character Marie, this is an ensemble series, and the whole ensemble shines. Lizze Broadway is the standout of the season, though, with a performance that blends exceptional comedic timing with heart and empathy. 

Gen V might initially seem like “The Boys: Lite”, but a refreshing new setting and the shift to a younger generation allows it to stand on its own. It sets up exciting new stories, builds upon what we already know about this world, and presents exciting tie in potential for whatever this franchise delivers next. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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