Loki Season 2 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


The first season of Loki remains one of the strongest Marvel offerings of the past few years, but was its success an anomaly? Would it suffer the dreaded sophomore slump? Here we are, over two years since the God of Mischief’s last appearance, and I’m thrilled to say Loki defends its throne as the very best MCU series. 

The dire sense of urgency from last season flows seamlessly into this one. The story picks up right where it left off, continuing without missing a beat. These six episodes build on everything the show previously established, while also throwing plenty of exciting new elements into the mix. Aside from episode three, which is an exposition heavy lull, the whole season is exceptionally paced. The final product is an epic, high stakes and ultimately fitting conclusion to Loki’s story, twelve years in the making. 

His journey from villain, to antihero to Multiversal saviour makes him arguably the most fascinating character in the MCU’s history. Tom Hiddleston has taken this character to places I never thought I’d see, and here we get his best performance yet. The interplay and chemistry between the whole cast - both old faces and new - is excellent. Sylvie takes a step back this season, but Sophia Di Martino makes every second she’s on screen count. Ke Huy Quan’s quirky TVA scientist O.B. is a most welcome addition, and Jonathan Majors returns with a very different version of He Who Remains. Oh, and Owen Wilson? Just wow! 

The production design is spectacular. Not only is this the best looking Marvel show, but one of the most visually stunning entries in the entire MCU. We spend way more time in the TVA this season, which is gorgeously expanded upon from what we’ve seen before. Every location is brought to life with such attention to detail and thoughtful craftsmanship. I found my eyes darting around the screen, in awe of the work that went into it all. Composer Natalie Holt backs the striking visuals with a brilliant score fit for a god. 

Loki picks up the threads left by season one, and spins an outstanding sophomore season, cementing the series as one of the best offerings in the MCU. It’s an ambitious continuation of the multiverse storyline, and a perfect conclusion to Loki’s story that we’ve been following for over a decade. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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