Salt burn | Review by: Gal Balaban


Emerald Fennell’s new film may not be as socially relevant as Promising Young Woman, but it’s even more daring as it presents a world in which everything is just a little crazier than our own. The world of Saltburn is drenched in beautiful colors thanks to the remarkable cinematography, and Barry Keoghan gives a psychopathic performance — not his first of the sort, but it feels like everything his acting career has built up to. The production design subtly symbolizes Oliver’s journey in the film into becoming something he’s not, but soon you may believe he’s really shedding his skin and showing his true self. Jacob Elordi gives a charismatic performance that dominates the screen just as his character Felix is made to feel like he owns every room he enters. The chemistry between the two men treads the line between friendship, adoration, and unhealthy obsession. Rosamund Pike also gives a highlight performance as Felix’s mother, who’s caring yet eccentric and even stuck-up, and Archie Madekwe and Richard E. Grant round out the rest of this great cast.

Fennell has created a truly unique experience here that never quite tells you if it’s a college party film, a social satire, a psychosexual thriller, or something completely new. The depths Keoghan’s character goes to and the twists and turns you’ll embark on in this fever dream won’t be for everyone, but those who will welcome a film that surprises you, gets under your skin and makes you not want to look away, Saltburn delivers on the unexpected fronts in a darkly flashy, twisted, and expertly directed and filmed movie.

Rating: 4.5/5

Review by : Gal Balaban 

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