Scott Pilgrim Takes Off | Review by: Stefano Bove

 Scott Pilgrim is one of those properties that has something for absolutely everyone. A genre mashup done absolutely perfectly that combines anime, video games, music, comedy, superhero action and teen romance drama. Anything that is thrown into the Scott Pilgrim world, just seems to work and this new series is an example of that. 

This new series combines the art style from the original comic series with the heart and wit of the 2010 movie. All of the original cast from the 2010 film return to voice their respected characters which make this one of the most stacked animated series on Netflix. I was shocked to see that all of the actors returned including Brie Larson and Chris Evans which really shows how beloved the series is and how much they probably enjoyed working on the film.  Lucas Lee, voiced by Chris Evans, is one of my favorite expanded characters in the series. His deep voice is just so hilarious and I found myself laughing every time he spoke. 

There seems to be a misconception on social media that this is just an expanded version of the 2010 movie, this is most likely due to the returning cast but It is much more than that. This story is very much a new take on the Scott and Ramona arc but also builds beyond it while also giving all supporting cast some much needed backstory. The writing also needs to be complimented, from the dry humor to the inclusion of modern Toronto and gen Z slang, every character is updated for today's audience. 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is now the definitive version of Scott Pilgrim for a new generation. Very few properties are able to balance so many elements without feeling convoluted but Bryan Lee O'Malley has been writing stories for this universe for so many years that he knows what it deserves and what fans want to see. All of the action and comedy stays true to the beloved series but is also updated for a new audience. The final few episodes really do show how Scott Pilgrim is a sustainable property that has unlimited possibilities of expansion.


Review by: Stefano Bove

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