State of the Unity | Review by: Stefano Bove

Does the average person prefer seeing positive or negative content? Based on what we see in the news and media, It would look like negative and disastrous stories make all of the headlines and seem like we are in a constant stream of world-ending scenarios. This is even the case in film and entertainment as serial killer and murder mystery stories become ever more popular but music has always been a medium that has fueled positive emotion and even protest. Can music be a tool to unify a people as a collective for a common goal? Jillian and Nathaniel go on a journey to answer that very question. 

State of the Unity tells a story that is refreshing and incredibly uplifting. In 2016, the band "the Bergamot" (Jillian and Nathaniel) traveled to all 50 states to perform and spread the message of unity to all Americans. Using music to spread the message, Jillian and Nathaniel would impromptu perform in every location they drove through. This spontaneity would give them the courage to perform in all sorts of locations from the trunk of their van to large park performances and everything in between.  The car that took them on their journey also had a role to play. It itself became a work of art and an evolving performance piece as people were able to write messages of hope and unity directly on the car. The further they travel across the country, the more national praise they receive. 

Meeting people in every state across the USA in a particular way allowed Jillian and Nathaniel to experience many touching moments.  My favorite parts of the documentary are the short interview clips of people writing their message on the car from the 2016 footage. They truly are wholesome moments of hope and inspiration for our fellow human beings.

 Jillian and Nathaniel are amazing people and that is not only visible in their actions and dedication to the journey but their documentary interviews on the experience as well. It is not everyday that people choose to dedicate so much time and effort to make other people happy and experience something wholesome. 

State of the Unity is the kind of story that we should strive to showcase. Too often do we focus on such dark and negative content when we should really focus our attention on positive change. Jillian and Nathaniel showed us that there is power in unity and it is also infectious. seeing other people happy, excited and vulnerable truly opens oneself up for a real emotional connection. 

State of the Unity is available on VOD today.


Review by: Stefano Bove

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