Anyone But You | Review by: Luke Elisio


Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are so incredibly gorgeous and charismatic that in all honesty, 80 per cent of “Anyone But You” could just be the pair of them frolicking on the beaches of Sydney and most audiences would be satisfied. If a few decent jokes and a semi-interesting to plot were to pop up every so often well that would just be an added bonus. Therefore, it could not be more of a delightful surprise that “Anyone But You” is not only a wonderfully-written and fantastically-acted romantic-comedy that is sure to elicit genuine swoons and belly laughs, but the best rom-com in recent memory that is nothing short of a return to form for the genre. Yes, the movie contains no shortage of gorgeous people, locations and outfits but it also possesses the wit, charm and romance that only the best of rom-coms know how to properly deliver. “Anyone But You” isn’t trying to put an “exciting new twist” on the genre. It delivers the classic hallmarks that audiences love about rom-coms, brilliantly conveyed through fun direction, engaging writing and committed performances. What could have easily been a forgettable and dumb Netflix is instead one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable movies of the year. It’s evident how much love and work the cast and crew put into this movie. 

Sweeney and Powell are absolute magic together. It feels as though each have been preparing their whole careers to act in a rom-com and it’s clear from their first scene together that the preparation was well worth it. The pair shine in each scene they share together, creating a believable attraction and a heart-pounding romance that you can’t wait to see the outcome of. Powell (who’s a certifiable MOVIE STAR but he way, in case there was ever any doubt) is as reliable hilariously heartwarming as he has been in past projects. Sweeney’s foray into comedy is a welcome one as she could have easily phoned this performance in but instead is clearly down to clown and does so fabulously. She has a knack for wonderfully pulling off the goofiest of rom-com shenanigans which this movie has no shortage of. Additionally, Dermot Mulroney ensures that his track record for appearing in fantastic rom-coms maintains intact and scene-stealer GaTa will have audiences clamouring to see him in as many future comedy projects as well. The entire cast is a comedic treat and it is considerably difficult to decide who will get the biggest laugh out of moviegoers. 

Everyone should go see “Anyone But You.” Ridiculously fun, utterly adorable and scintillatingly sexy, this is a movie that is well worth gong to see in theatres. This would make for a perfect date night or a night out with friends movie. Frankly, this is just an undeniably smile-inducing time at the movies and isn’t that what we all could use more of? Spend the money, see it in the theatres and laugh with an audience of people who equally enjoy rom-coms. Oh, and make sure to stick around for the triumphant ending which culminates in ridiculously goofy end credits you would be a fool for leaving before. 


Review by: Luke Elisio

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