Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 1 & 2 Review

Without mincing any words, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is a resounding success. For both hardcore fans of the original series of books who have eagerly been awaiting for a worthwhile adaptation, as well as the Disney executives sure to make a major buck off the newest Disney+ original series, this show is an undeniable gift from the gods themselves. 

From the moment the first episode begins with the opening line of the first book, it’s evident that this adaptation is in the hands of a cast and crew who care about this project and are dedicated to making something that will not only appease longtime fans, but entice new ones as well. In the best way possible, the show feels like the product of extremely talented fans of the books who came together to create an amazing adaptation of something they love and wow, does it succeed! The fun action sequences are expertly paced and well-balanced with the cheeky humour, ensuring that “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is an adventure series that children and parents alike can find enjoyment in. It’s clear that this adaptation, wisely put in the hands of author / executive producer, Rick Riordan, trusts the source material. It effortlessly translates the charm, humour and adventure of the books from page to screen. 

This series is everything longtime fans have been waiting and hoping for. If anyone has even the smallest shred of doubt or concern, let it vanish from your mind. “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” strongly features everything fans know and love about the series but also has a healthy amount of new additions to keep even the most well-read of fans on their toes. The special effects and the sets are a truly miraculous blend of practical and digital that bring Riordan’s world of gods and monsters to life with ease. Not only is it clear that Disney put a decent amount of money into this production, but they clearly allocated it to the right areas: Believable effects, stunning production design and a cast that includes reliable character actors as well as fantastic up-and-coming stars. 

Whether main or recurring, there isn’t a single character in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” who isn’t perfectly cast. Virginia Kull, Glynn Turman and Jason Mantzoukas all fabulously bring iconic characters like Sally Jackson, Chiron and Dionysus to life. Just as much thought and consideration went into casting these side characters as the trio of main characters. Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri star as Percy, Annabeth and Grover respectively, a sensational group of young actors who are as lovable as they are talented. Impossible not to root for, their earnest performances are the rock that keeps “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” grounded. Scobell is great. He captures Percy’s fire and sass as though he’s been playing the character for years. It will be such a treat to see him evolve and grow as this character over the (inevitable) future seasons this series is sure to be renewed for. His chemistry with Jeffries and Simhadri, crucial to the success of the series, is remarkable. These kids are destined to become the obsession of legions of new fans, an honour that is entirely well-deserved. 

Both longtime fans and anyone taking their first step into this franchise are sure to become obsessed. To think of where this show is going to go during those guaranteed future seasons is exhilarating. If this is the kind of fantastically-cast, talented actors the show will hire and the dazzling sets and effects they can pull off, than this show is only going to grow into the epic phenomenon it’s destined to become. So often things like “Goosebumps” or “The Santa Clauses” get dumped onto Disney+ seemingly for reasons unknown, but “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is a perfect fit. Magic, adventure, humour, friendship…Disney+ is the ideal home for this show. Demigods, welcome home.

5 / 5 

Review by: Luke Elisio

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