The Family Plan | Review by: Benjamin Garrett

 The Family Plan is serviceable entertainment with a major tone problem. It’s a family road trip comedy and an action movie rolled into one, but doesn’t actually fit into either genre. Despite never settling on what kind of film it wants to be, there are worse ways you could pass a couple of hours. 

“Watchable” is the first word that came to mind after I finished the movie. It’s generic streaming fare that does nothing horribly, nor does it do anything exciting or unique. The movie follows an ex-mercenary who takes his family on a spontaneous road trip when his cover is blown. His family has no idea about his past, or the danger they’re in now. That premise is stretched to ludicrous lengths, where family members disregard or fail to question some extremely questionable behaviour and situations. 

The family dynamic is far more successful than the secret ex-merc plot, and I actually enjoyed some of the genuine moments of bonding they shared. Although it’s nothing groundbreaking, I found myself wanting more family interaction every time the movie pivoted to the less engaging action elements. Sadly, the back half of the movie shifts into full-on action mode, with some fairly dark material that clashes with the lighter tone established in the first half. 

The Family Plan doesn’t excel as a comedy or an action flick, but it also doesn’t fall completely flat in either category. Its tone deaf attempt at merging the two genres is certainly noticeable, but not enough that it feels like a complete failure. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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