All of Us Strangers | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


All of Us Strangers is a profoundly moving examination of grief, love and loneliness. It’s a film that doesn’t hold your hand through an intentionally ambiguous structure, but its beautiful themes will weight heavy on your heart. 

There’s tremendous depth in the many ways this story can be perceived, but no matter how you approach it, you’re sure to find something that’ll resonate with you. This is a film that will mean something entirely different to those who’ve lost a parent or loved one at a young age. Even without having experienced that kind of loss, though, the universal themes and exceptionally written characters are easy to connect with. 

The film uses its small cast perfectly to tell an intimate story. it’s essentially just four actors, and they’re all phenomenal. The chemistry among them feels genuine, and because it’s so believable, it packs an emotional punch. This might be Andrew Scott’s best performance in a career full of highs. There’s so much pain and loneliness behind his eyes as he moves through this unique grieving process. He shares a tender chemistry with Paul Mescal, but the most affecting moments are the scenes he shares with Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, who play his long-dead parents. 

As I said, if you’ve lost a loved one (especially at a young age), This film will hit you differently. You’re always going to look back at the time you didn’t have, wondering how your lives would’ve played out. This story offers a unique perspective on loss and mourning through its profound, often etherial approach. Imagine sharing a bit of extra time - time you never imagined you’d have - with a loved one who’s been gone for years. 

All of Us Strangers is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. It raises many questions that it refuses to answer, but that ambiguity never lessens how profoundly meaningful the journey is. Anchored by four of the year’s best performances, this film is truly something special you shouldn’t miss. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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