Society of the Snow | Review by: Gal Balaban

 J.A. Bayona is no stranger to creating disaster movies that feel brutal, immersive, and rooted in the human spirit. The true story of Society of the Snow will leave you without words and wanting to learn more.

The visual effects and production at hand are outstanding and the entire cast is amazing. The film is deeply disturbing and may test some of its viewers as to how much second-hand pain and harshness they can tolerate, but the film also provides positive messages on the value of hope and teamwork in finding solutions and staying alive. Despite the unimaginable situations that test their humanity and push them to (the brink of) death, the boys act selflessly and resourcefully and look out for one another.

Society of the Snow presents the true horrors of its subject material at full display -- calling the disturbing nature of the film uncompromising would be an understatement. At the core of its thrilling story, which is told both at an intimate and massive storytelling scale, is the powerful message of how the human body will sometimes only surrender once the mind and spirit do.


Review by: Gal Balaban 

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