What If Season 2 | Review by: Stefano Bove


People reference superhero fatigue as being a real thing but WHAT IF has shown us that it is not necessarily our disinterest in superheroes anymore but our desire for great storytelling. 

WHAT IF follows the Watcher, voiced by the amazing Jeffery Wright as he explains that an infinite amount of universes exist in an infinite amount of ways. This sets the tone for infinite possibilities as the show brings back all of our favorite Marvel characters and actors in animated form but completely twists and turns every single MCU story we already know. 

Each episode acts as a standalone story set in a different time and place within the MCU in animated form and truly shows the power of the animated medium and its capabilities. The production value of the MCU is truly evident in animated form and elevate the medium as it boasts incredible animation, a massive voice cast of returning MCU actors

Season 2 expands on the successful format of season one with individual episodes focusing on different events within the MCU that everyone should be familiar with. Some amazing story concepts include, What If  Hela found the Ten Rings, What if Peter Quill Attacked Earth. I was really surprised to see the return of Sam Rockwell and Jeff Goldblum in their respective roles and even if their episodes were not the strongest narratively, their characters were so hilarious and truly made the episodes stand out. 

 As much as it is great to see alternate stories that we already love, one of the best episodes is episode six which introduced a brand new character and timeline. What If Kahhori Reshaped the World is one of the best and boldest episodes of the season. Taking place in Mohawk territory before colonization, Kahhori and the Mohawk tribe find the tesseract and completely change the direction of human history. The MCU has its fair share of emotional moments but many in this episode top anything the MCU has ever done. 

Similar to the first seasons finale, a multi-episode finale ties together many story lines from throughout the seasons' many universes. This comes in the form of the fairly new comic storyline What If the Avengers formed in 1602. For all of the liberties and  flexibility the show has, I am surprised that they felt the need for Captain Carter to be the focus again. I Think she is a great character but I not think the series needs a consistent hero and should continue to shuffle, Especially with new characters like Kahhori. This finale is not the strongest entry in the series but does not disappoint in terms of entertainment and maybe even closure for the multiverse saga but only time will tell since It has already been announced that What If will return for a third season.


Review by: Stefano Bove

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