Bad Batch: Season 3 Episode 1-8 Review


Season two’s finale of the Bad Batch was an emotional rollercoaster and some of the darkest moments in the series. Season three has some big shoes to fill but leave it to Dave Filoni to give us yet another proper sendoff with this upcoming season. 

Taking place directly after the dramatic events of season two’s finale, the team is separated and in desperate need of finding Omega.

Omega is captured by an empire research facility and is at the same facility that Crosshair is captured in. Luckily, Omega is not a captive per se, her knowledge on clones being put to good use in some unknown test program as an assistant to Kamino Cloner, Nala. Meanwhile, Echo, Hunter and Wrecker are searching the galaxy for any information on Omega’s whereabouts.

Omega has grown the most out of any character but rightfully so as she was the least skilled at the beginning of the series. She has grown into a much more commanding leader and skilled fighter and it is evident at the start of the season.

These first few episodes build some new interesting team dynamics in a much stronger relationship with omega and crosshair and much deeper bond with Hunter and Wrecker. Then strength is in the character dynamics as Omega and Crosshair could not be more different but that makes for some character moments. 

It is evidence that this is the final season and the series is building to a grand finale because all roads lead to one major story element with very little filler in the first eight episodes. This is the right approach to tie up all loose ends and Solely focus on characters past and present in the three seasons as opposed to introducing new story elements and new characters.

The biggest change in the series is its tonal shift that began in season 2 and more evidently in its finale. Gone are many of the jokes as the momentum shifts to its inevitable endgame. 

The stakes have never been higher for the team and losing any more members is something they can not afford. The empire must be stopped and they have to do whatever they can and call in as many reinforcements in order to do so.  

The first half of the final season set up pieces for its grand finale, although I would have thought things would move faster, I understand there are still eight episodes which I patiently await.  


Review by: Stefano Bove

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