Dune: Part 2 | Review by: Benjamin Garrett


Dune: Part One walked so that Part Two could soar. All of the heavy lifting the first film did with extensive world building and narrative groundwork pays off spectacularly in this stunning continuation. Believe the hype. Dune: Part Two is not only one of the greatest sequels ever made, but one of the best science fiction films of all time. 

Denis Villeneuve called the first film an appetizer, with this one being the main course. Honestly, that’s the perfect comparison, as this sequel is bigger and better in every way. It picks up directly from the cliffhanger we were left dangling on two and a half years ago, taking all of that momentum and using it to propel the story to new heights. The politics and individual motivations are fascinating, but it’s the religious elements surrounding the Fremen prophecy that provide true thematic richness. I haven’t read the novels, so I had no idea what to expect. I had theories, but nothing I imagined could’ve prepared me for the cinematic triumph I was about to witness. 

To call this film epic honestly feels like an understatement. The story, the characters, the continued building of established lore and the many different factions inhabiting this galaxy - the magnitude and density of everything is on a whole different level. Though, somehow, within the film’s gargantuan scope, is a narrative that resonates beautifully on an intimate emotional level. This film is haunting, even heartbreaking at times thanks to an ensemble of exceptionally written and acted characters.

This collection of A-list actors is absolutely insane. To have so many big names in one film is one thing, but to get so many standout performances without any of them stepping on each other’s toes is no small feat. The depth the characters are given this time around is so much more fascinating. Rebecca Ferguson’s Lady Jessica sinks further into her Bene Gesserit roots, and her portrayal of that personality shift is outstanding. Austin Butler chews up every moment of screen time, with an unrecognizable turn as Baron Von Harkonnen’s blood thirsty nephew. His vocal work, mimicking the throatiness of Stellan Skarsgård’s Baron is sublime. Timothee Chalamet really floored me, with a commanding performance I didn’t think he was capable of. It’s of an entirely different calibre of acting compared to Part One, as we see Paul gradually transform into the Fremen prophet. 

If you’ve followed Villeneuve’s filmography, you know he is a master of scale. It was extremely impressive in Part One, but it’s on a new, totally awe inspiring level here. This film is heavier on spectacle and action, so if you see just one movie on the big screen this year, it needs to be this one.  Greg Fraser’s stunning cinematography paired with groundbreaking visual effects make for a grand theatrical experience that joins the ranks of films like Return of the King and Avatar. In addition to the incredible sense of scale is a visual boldness that left my jaw on the floor at times. The entire Geidi Prime segment in particular is beyond stunning. The bow that ties it all together is, of course, Hans Zimmer’s perfectly composed score. It’s epic and sweeping as it was in Part One, but there’s a delicateness here that compliments the film’s emotional depth beautifully. 

Dune: Part Two is a remarkable cinematic achievement, taking everything the first film built and delivering a masterful continuation that defines the theatrical experience. Denis Villeneuve has already cemented himself as one of the greatest directors of this generation, and he’s just added another masterpiece to his filmography. 


Review by: Benjamin Garrett

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