The Listener | Review by: Gal Balaban

 Directed by Steve Buscemi, The Listener focuses on a helpline volunteer played by Tessa Thompson, and the calls she receives over one night. Casting is the make-or-break of this concept's execution, and Thompson leads this film in a gracious and empathetic manner. The film highlights the selfless efforts of mental health workers and volunteers, and the way Thompson's character approaches these conversations, concealing or revealing things about her character each time, is just as intriguing as the stories of the callers.

Though it doesn't pack too many surprises, and you may feel like you've gotten the gist of the film after the first few minutes, it's still engaging throughout its runtime thanks to the writing by Oscar nominee Alessandro Camon (The Messenger). It may not have as many thrills as other real-time phone call movies like Locke or The Guilty, but still offers a great leading performance from Tessa Thompson.

The Listener is available March 29th


Review by: Gal Balaban 

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