Fallout Season 1 | Review by: Stefano Bove

 The beloved post-apocalyptic video game, Fallout, makes its live action debut in the form of an eight episode Amazon season today! Taking place over 200 years after a nuclear war, the world is a wasteland and a shell of its past self. Contamination from Nuclear radiation has drastically altered life and everyone is struggling to survive in their own way. 

The series follows three main leads; Lucy, a vault dweller, The Ghoul, Cooper Howard and Brotherhood member, Maximus. Each character expands on the large story and adds their unique perspective on the world as we know it. 

When the nuclear holocaust was looming, vaults were built and sold to consumers as protection, two hundred years later, the dwellers were left scared to return to the surface to face reality but one dweller from Vault 33, Lucy must go on a mission to the surface and face the challenges ahead. Ella Purnell is perfect as Lucy, She plays this happy-go-lucky and incredibly naive dweller who acts like she is a 1950's housewife. Her character has so many fun interactions with The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, who crosses paths with Lucy while on his own mission. The Ghoul and his past self, Cooper Howard is such a layered character as he goes from a cowboy actor to a real life gunslinger of the apocalypse. Rounding off the trio is Maximus who is training as a squire in the Brotherhood, a techo-religious cult. His story is layed and just as complex as anyone trying to navigate the apocalypse. The choice for the three leads was an excellent one as each one provides us with their own insight into this world and how one must try and navigate it as well as many secrets that tie into the past, their present and the future of mankind. 

The supporting cast of Vault-dwellers, Brotherhood members and survivors add so much depth to the world of Fallout as well as many laughs coming from so many seasoned comedians including; Zach Cherry, Johnny Pemberton, and Moises Arias. 

A very unique part of the series is a contrast of blood and gore an action 1950s and 60s music. This tonal contrast is one of the many unique characteristics that makes this series stand out. 

Each episode is loaded with twist and turns that constantly keep you guessing. With over 200 years of timeline to fill, Fans of the video game will appreciate all of the Easter eggs and game lore that make the series do special. 

This sci-fi series is truly a political drama in disguise. It compliments so many social and political issues that we have been dealing with for decades but on a much larger scale. Most post apocalyptic stories show how our humans deal with surviving in the new world but none put their characters through this much of a change. The twists are epic, the action is fantastic and the story development is so refreshing it will make you want a Nuka-Cola!

All eight episodes are available on Prime tonight at 9pm EST 


Review by: Stefano Bove 

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