Spy x Family Code: White


After an awesome first season, and kicking off the return for season two, The spy family is back with a full length feature film that acts as a companion for fans as well as a great standalone for newcomers to the series. 

Master spy, twilight is posing as a civilian named Loid Forger with his pretend family in order to complete his mission “operation strix” he is married to expert assassin, Yor Briar and adopted orphan daughter, Anya who is also a telepath. The best part of this family dynamic is that each family member has a secret that they are keeping from each other but the family manages to hold it together nicely and are a really wholesome bunch. The key to their secrets from each other is in the writing in order to keep them on their toes from revealing their true identities from each other.

The special mission in this film is actually a hiliarious as Anya has to bake a desert for school. In order for her to win a star merit, Loid derives a plan to travel across the county in order to taste test the principals favorite desert from the area he knows makes it the best. This weekend road trip leads to chaos as Anya eats a desert from the wrong high- ranking military officer, Snidel. 

The beauty of Spy Family that sets it apart from any other anime is the family and their dynamic as they grow closer together. It also encompasses all of the amazing genres in anime including; action and romance. This movie acts as an independent story that will surely pull in fans of any anime genre. 

Spy x Family Code: White opens up in theatres across Canada and the USA today


Review by: Stefano Bove

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