Babes | Review by: Gal Balaban

 Ilana Glazer brings her joyously free-spirited comedic energy to Babes, a film that's unapologetically about the female experience, including pregnancy, motherhood, and female friendships. Her delightful banter with Michelle Buteau and nuanced yet often laugh-out-loud portrayal of her character Eden's experience with an unexpected pregnancy give her character an unfiltered likability. 

Though the film does have sections with less laughs, and Stephan James is unfortunately underused, there's some other talented players including John Carroll Lynch and Hasan Minhaj, and the film wraps up in a cheesy yet charming way. The movie ultimately serves not just as a film about the strength of women and mothers, but the strength of a real good friendship.


Review by: Gal Balaban

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